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If one could say that a property was very tough to sell - I can confidently say that. After many months of discovering bad news after bad news, we finally managed to get through it all, and sell this property. For obvious confidential reasons, we cannot divulge the details of the deal nor the news that we kept on discovering on a weekly basis, that made this deal so tough to get through. On top of all that, we even managed to negotiate a sale-leaseback for the owner in order to maintain his business in place. As the editor, Bob Moser mentioned in his article:

"Gilson's is one of the most popular Brazilian restaurants in Orlando's tourism corridor for hosting large caravan tour groups."

This didn't make our job easier, as the owner didn't want us to fully market the property in order to scare off his clientele. We had to become creative and thoughtful of our client in order to market his property. We finally got a call from broker John Kryzminski, inquiring on the property on behalf of his client. Several months after that initial discussion, we successfully closed the deal and had 2 very satisfied clients. 

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