Hospitality Listed Property Featured on GrowthSpotter!

Shortly after putting the property on the market, I was contacted by Bob Moser to give some insight on the details of the family who owns it and what the plans for the property were. The majority of the information was already dug up by Bob, as that's what journalists do. I just had to confirm the details, and shortly after, the article was published on Growthspotter. If you do have a subscription to their site, you can find the article here. Otherwise, feel free to contact me, and I'll be glad to send over a PDF version of the story. 

This phenomenal piece of dirt was listed in the last quarter of 2017 - which has frontage to International Dr. and plenty of footprint for a large hotel project. We have already been approached by various interested individuals and groups, that are looking to develop the lot. 

At this point, the owners are open to multiple options, but would primarily like to have some involvement in the project. 

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